Sunrisers at Mt. Wachusett

Friends and Foliage

Enjoying the friends and foliage.


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We’ve Moved In

Sunrisers go apple picking!

A belated announcement–since September 1, we’ve been renting two units of a triple-decker in Jamaica Plain. Six weeks later, we’ve settled in and we hosted a housewarming party last weekend. In the tumult of the house search and the move, we didn’t update this site as much as we might like, but moving forward we hope to post more about the events we host and the trips we take as a community.

Check out photos from our recent apple-picking trip to Maine.

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No matter where you go there are good people everywhere and opportunity where ever you look. As long as you are willing to work hard and give back the world is yours and mine. I am still young (early 20′s) and I want to travel as much as possible before settling down in one place. As a young traveller I want to support communities where ever I go. This fall I will be living in the Boston area for about a year and I want to be a part of something bigger than just a temporary home and so living in a group equity coop with a paleo mindset is ideal. I hope to come into this new home with fresh ideas and a positive outlook so when I leave it can be enjoyed by many more down the road.

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Aloha, my name is Kiyoe, I hail  from Hawaii and have been in Boston for three years, studying Double Bass performance at New England Conservatory. I am very eager to venture into the Paleo lifestyle! Out of all the ways we are being told to take care of our minds and bodies, I am most enamoured with Paleo because it is just that – a lifestyle – not just some new-craze diet. Some of my favourite things to do are hiking and adventuring, playing music, learning about and being with plants, and cooking good meals with my friends and family.
Sunrise Co-op is something I am very enthusiastic about because of our goals to be as sustainable as possible, something that I hold to be a big priority. I am very excited to build a good, strong community with my like-minded peers, and one great thing about Paleo is this enthusiasm for not only living, but sharing, learning and teaching, and, simply, being together!
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If It Doesn’t Exist, Create It: Creating an Intentional Community

Gabriel has made a guest post on the Exist Anew blog, all about the Sunrise Cooperative! From the site’s editor:

*This is a guest post by Gabriel Baldwin of  Gabriel had just read our post Invitation to the Dead Horse Party, and wanted to share his creative plan for action. After meeting Gabriel, it was clear he not only gets it, but shares our assertion, that we must create our own movement to foster personal freedom, and health sovereignty in all areas of our lives.  While Exist Anew is not a part of sunrise coop, we wanted to offer Gabriel a chance to share the cooperative project and the action he is taking to create his own freedom:

Read the full post here.

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I’ve lived a paleo or “real” foods-inspired lifestyle since I was 16, and I’ve felt much healthier since! I just graduated from college in California and I’m moving to Boston in August. I don’t know may people in the area, so I’m looking forward to living in a supportive community with individuals who share my lifestyle.

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I have found living in community to be deeply nourishing and want to continue to have that be central to my life. I have lived at the Spirit of 76 Coop in Medford, MA for nearly three years. I serve on the board of two not-for-profit organizations working to create new coops: Boston Community Cooperatives and Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives.
I started a paleo diet over two years ago while searching for a way to feel better in my body. Starting this year I began exploring other ways I could live to the fullest. Reading Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Connection” got me thinking beyond just diet which has been a fun and exciting adventure. Taking responsibility for my living situation and building my tribe have been my focus since.
My passions include free form barefoot dancing, foraging, cooking, audio books, kayaking, biking, interesting conversations, fermenting hard cider and mead, meditation, and bad jokes.
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Warm heart and healing hands
Striving for connection
Breathe moment to moment
Feeling mud seeping through toes
Arms raised atop mountains
Sun-filled and blessed.
Pastel paintings, voice
Joining in harmony
Dancing alive and happy.
Eat of earth, cook with
Smiles and laughter.
Nurture fair child and
Share the love around.
Envisioning gatherings by the fire
Our own garden plot
Music, yoga, meditation and dance
Teaching, learning
Becoming attuned, together
And more.
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A Place to Call Home

The fundRISING campaign for our new house is now live! You can help make this vision into an awesome place for people to live and hang out.

We are a thriving community of individuals whose shared intentions revolve around the paleo lifestyle. Our core values are healthy living, sustainability, respect for human diversity, and compassion for all beings. Read more about why we are doing this.

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